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royal faget fuckorama!!!

that's what he is...

Might as well call himself a pedophile and rename himself PeeWee Herman.

He cheated on me with a 17 year old....

Who needs that when they've got a real woman? It just seems like whenever I am really into a guy, something always backfires. This isn't the first time I've been cheated on with a young girl. Rob cheated on me with a 16 year old! What the fuck is wrong with guys? Obviously they're so immature that they need a younger girl to be on the same level. I guess that kinda makes sense in a way, but stick to your own age group! I would like an older guy, but I'm almost 21 (next month). Two people that can go to the bar together and can do the same things...Now that's a different story. A 21 year old guy and a 16 year old? Now there's something wroooong there. Jeff kissed this girl...All the while I was depressed and knew something was wrong. I could tell by the way he sounded on the phone. He said he couldn't go out because his mom wouldn't let him...Fuckin liar. That whole time he was suckin face with a little girl. Sick bastard. So the next day, he comes over to break up with me, and lied! He didn't even tell me the real reason he was breaking up with me. He said he just "wasn't feeling it", and that "the excitemant is gone"...Douche bag. He just felt guilty for cheating and decided to break it off asap, which he did because he came over at around 12:30, and I know that he sleeps in. The way I found out was that he called me drunk the other night saying he was confused and that he needed to think, like he needed to rethink his decision..And he told me he met a girl whom he felt attracted to. Well, that's it. He said no more than that. So I talked to Lauren, his sis, today and mentioned that he said that. She said "Oh yeah, she's 17"...So I asked what happened, and then she told me how they went to the movies and kissed. What a dumbass. Well, he can kiss my ass cuz he's not coming to the People/Particle show with me anymore. I'm taking some girlfriends and he can hang out with his little slut being a complete moron while I'm out having a great time at a badass concert that he could be at if only he hadn't royally fucked up! It's his loss. I treat my boyfriends like gold. Maybe I treat them too well, because I get taken advantage of way too much. Where in the hell did all the nice guys go?
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