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Good Friday

Partied last night at Breezers...Whew we got drunk. I felt lonely though. Everyone was coupled up except for me. Jeremy called last night and said he wont be coming home for 2 weeks. He sounded really depressed. The situation I'm in is really hard. It's even harder because I have to keep it inside until the right moment. I can't even really type how I feel right now. I'm even more trapped than I thought. I know things will work out eventually, I just have to wait.
So I left really early this morning because I couldn't sleep and the refrigerator was being really loud. I left at about 8:10 or so. I didn't want to wake them up so early, so I just left without waking them. I felt kinda shitty this morning. Not at all like the hangover I had before break at Andrew's, but I still had a little one. I layed in bed until about 1:00. Now I'm gonna go do some chores.

I really hope everything works out the way I want it to. I really really hope. I also hope that I can hold out long enough. It's hard.
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