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My Hamster Escaped!!!!

My children's book, "The Adventures of Hamilton the Hamster" came true!!! I went to go feed my hamster and he was gone! He bit a hole in his lookout tower and escaped. Thank god I keep the door to his room closed and that the opening under the door is really small. To survive he crawled up into my dresser all the way to the top droor and bit through the plastic of his food bag...Then I found food and poop in almost every other drawer! He definitely had an adventure! Ohhh man, I couldn't believe it. I found him in my closet....Ohhhh man! I will definitely watch out for him better from now on!!!! I was wondering why he wasn't making any noise on his hamster wheel at night!!! lol.

Man I had a long day. I woke up, did ALOT of homework early in the morning, went to meet Kasia at Wal-Mart, then went with her to Stoney, called in and said I had a flat tire so I could buy some more time with Kasia, worked, worked out after I came home and changed, and finally ate some dinner when I got home, then I found out that my hamster escaped so I had to look for him then clean up the poop he left in all of my dresser drawers that he somehow crawled into...Man, I'm tired! I'm gonna wake up at 6:00 instead of 6:30 too, so I can power study for my exam in the morning.

Wish me luck!!!
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