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Well, ello there!

Wow, so I haven't been here in ages. I finally slowed down on the MySpace...FINALLY. When I get into something new, I usually wear it out until I get sick of it. No one really reads my Livejournal, so I feel safer putting my poetry up. Everyone is a MySpace slut now!

Do me a favor...If you read this send me a comment. I wanna see who actually reads my entries.

In the stars, mellow and expansive
I see promise...
A tune playing ever so gracefully
Your melodic hum nests in my ears
The light you send reverberates inside
The scarab beetle floats on open water
flies into the sky
Turning into a molecule that can't be seen
by the human eye
I don't need to see you to know how I feel
I can feel you from a million miles away
from the stars I view beyond the great horizon
I see you in my mind, and smile...
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julianne makes my panties wet.
ow ow ow girlie!